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The Christmas Pajamas
DC Designs was started back in 1988, after the birth of my first child. At the time, I constructed mainly crafts and decorated infantwear. Over the past several years, I've sewn many different things, from childrens clothing, to bridal gowns, to slipcovers for the home.

Today, I focus on clothing, and am especially fond of working on special event outfits: weddings (particularly Hawaiian style), baby luaus and family photos. I specialize in fitting and sewing for the petite figure. That came about when a friend asked me to construct some basics for her because she was unable to find clothing that fit her tiny figure.

I received my BS in Home Economics many years ago, but have been sewing since I was in the 4th grade. I still remember the first garment I made. It was an ugly blue basic jumper, very similar to the popular sheaths worn today. Being that I was only in 4th grade and had no curves (I still don't), I thought it was pretty repulsive. It was however, our fitting tool and the first lesson to cover all the basics. That was over 25 years ago! Sewing was my passion and I made much of my own clothing until I started high school.  I explored many other artistic talents; drawing, painting, writing, music, but always came back to creating things in fabrics.

This past year's project for my own family was created for our family photo. The fabric was chosen by the youngest, and agreed upon by all... except the oldest. She instead, chose to have a shirt made from the same fabric as her Aunt. Fishies and dolphins were a bit too whimsical for her and she refused to wear it. Oh well... her sister can use it as she grows.

In 2003, I will be going back to sewing school to learn Menswear tailoring and advanced drafting. Although I've been drafting and sewing women's wear for years, I have never taken a formal class on drafting and am basically self taught. I hope to pick up more couture techniques as well as be able to tailor suits this year.