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Ever had a favorite garment that was so well used that it was no longer presentable? Not even as a housedress? It's possible to copy the garment's basic structure and create something new.

This dress was created from a client's old favorite. On the left, the old dress, faded and threadbare, was no longer useable. From this, I created a pattern for the dress on the right. She found some beautiful Japanese fabrics at a local store, and used a cotton scarf that she picked up in Japan for the contrast piece.

If you travel to Japan, there are terrific craft shops with fabrics galore! My mother knows where to find some of the neatest places for crafters in Tokyo (she's a travel agent). If you'd like information, here's her website:

She can help you with travel arrangements to Japan and tell you where to go to find some great craft shops. She took me there a couple years ago and I definitely spent TOOOO much money... there are so many beautiful things!

Before After