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Aiea High School Marching Band's Flag Girl Uniforms
The school system has no money. The band program has no money either.... let's face it parents, we have to contribute whatever we can to help our schools have the best programs possible.

This is my contribution to the marching band program. The girls needed uniforms and would have had to shell out about $100.00 each for the catsuit with matching gloves. The band already put out several hundreds of dollars to have their flags made and couldn't afford to pay for the uniforms.

The suits are made of some nice medium weight black slinky fabric, and embellished with a black sparkly fabric, outlined with stretch sequin trim. The gloves are made using the same fabric (leftovers). All together, each uniform cost just below $30.00 to put together. And the Aiea High School Band can proudly wave those flags!

Hopefully, the girls won't be too shy to have their pictures taken and posted here. These look a lot nicer when there is a body in it.

Detail of the bodice. The sequins were a bit of a challenge to secure the ends. But the rest of the uniform went together quickly.