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The process of taking measurements can be a confusing and difficult. This page will help guide you through taking your measurements. You'll need a measuring tape, washable marker, ruler, marking and measuring handouts, and someone reliable to help you. Before we start, here are a few things to remember.

1) Wear the undergarments that you will be using with your garment.  Make sure they fit snugly. You will be making markings on them, and do not want them to be distorted by loose undergarments. If your undergarments slip, make marks directly on the skin.

2) If your shoes will be affecting the length and drape of the garment (as high heels will) wear those as well.

3) Stand straight. Do not bend over to peek at your measurements while your partner takes them. Posture will affect the measurements.

4) Most importantly, be honest. No one likes to know that their 24" waist is now 30", but the garment will not fit correctly and thus not look good if you suck in your gut and cheat... ( I did that after my first baby was born, so I know.)

Ready? Let's start......

We'll start with the "Marking the Body Guide." This handout will help you mark the key points and line on your body to help make measuring easier. Here are a few diagrams that will help you figure out where the points are. If you don't have the handouts, please call me.
The two red points located at the top of the drawing are the Side Neckline (#1) and the Shoulder Points (#2) respectively.

When you connect these two points, you will have your Shoulder Lines (#3). This should form a vertical line perpendicular to the floor.

These points are also shown on all the other drawings as well.

Locate your the point on your Arm (#9) at the tip of your elbow when bent.

Locate the point on your Wrist (#10) where the most dominant crease is when you bend your hand back.

To find your abdomen, hold a ruler vertically in front of your body. Move it closer till it touches your tummy. This is where you mark the Abdomen (#14).

Repeat the same process as for the abdomen to find your Hip Line (#15).

Side Seams (#8) are located by dividing the body in equal halves. Start at the waistline and ignore any protrusions from the tummy or buttocks. Some people will have a bigger bottom or belly that will protrude more. The idea is to have a straight vertical line from the underarm to the mid thigh.

From the Shoulder Points (#2), draw a straight line down to the crease at the armpits. This is your Armhole (#5). Repeat for the back.
Find your Front Neckline Center Point (#4) by locating the small hollow in your neck and making a point here. The Back Neckline Center Point (#4) is located on the most prominent vertebrae when you place your head down. Make sure these points are below the Side Neckline Points (#1).
The points on the breast that are the farthest points from your body are the Bust (#11) points. Mark these. (I know you're starting to look silly, but believe me, this'll help you when you start measuring.)
The other points located here are the Waist (#12), Center Front and Back (#13), Knee (#16). Most others located on the handouts should be easy to find, but if you need help, feel free to email me.
Did we get them all? Check your handout to make sure all points are marked. Then let's move on to measuring!