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Now that you've got all those markings on your body, we can move on to measuring. Read through your "Measuring the Body" information sheet, and make sure you have a tape measure, pen or pencil, and your measurement chart to fill in, along with a friend who is trying to take this seriously.

Ready? Let's Measure!

Many measurements are easy to understand. Circumference measurements are taken around the widest part of the area. For instance, the first measurement you will be taking, Around Head (#1), is taken around the widest part of your head. Simple isn't it? Most of these measurements will say Bicep, Wrist, or just naming the body part to be measured.

Other measurements will specify what part (like Bust), along with which side (Front or Back). These will usually be taken from side seam to side seam.

These diagrams will help you decide where most measurements need to be taken. Follow the numbers on your chart and match them up. The pictures along with your "Measurements Help" will help clarify any questions. If you need more help, feel free to email me.

Remember, the red lines and dots are the markings you made from the previous page. These are your guidelines. Use them to figure out where you need to measure.

The purple lines will indicate where to take take the measurements.

Remember to use a bridge for measurement 7 and 6.

Measurement 10 may be a little confusing. Take this measurement from the bust point to the chest wall directly under it. If your breast has a fold under it, measure to the fold, not into it.

Measurements 22/23 are for straight knee and bent knee. The bent knee measurement should be slightly bent, as though you were walking up the stairs.

Measurements 15/38 are for straight elbow and bent elbow. Again, bent elbow measurements should be slightly bent, forming about 45 degree angle.

Measurement 48 is taken with the foot flexed as though you were putting on a pair of pants. Place the tape measure over the mark on the top of your foot and around the heel.

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