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Special events require planning. We plan months in advance, sometimes years, for weddings, special birthdays, and even the annual family photo. As with any detail, your dream dress or outfits will take time to create, perfect and prepare. Remember to allow lots of time for your CC to help you create the perfect garment. Here are a few things to expect when looking for and working with your CC.

When choosing a Custom Clothier;

  • Look for recommendations from friends, relatives or co-workers. Especially if you've seen something they've worn that was made by a CC.
  • Check your CC's portfolio. It should include work that is similar to what you're interested in. If you want a wedding gown, check to see if she has experience working with formalwear. Perhaps you want aloha wear for your family photo. Again, there are things to consider when choosing quality alohawear and a custom clothier will work to create balanced designs out of bold aloha prints. If you are plus or petite sized, these types of garments should also be in her portfolio.
  • Choose someone you trust. This is the most important thing when choosing your CC. Make an appointment, or spend some time just chatting on the phone with your CC before deciding whether or not you feel comfortable with her. Remember, sometimes your undergarments will be showing while she works on fitting your garment.
  • Be aware that some CC's work from home, some from a shop. Will her schedule fit yours? I work from my home, and prefer to work around my children's school schedules. However, I also do evening appointments, and occasional housecalls if necessary. I will try to accomodate your schedule as I know most people work a 9-5 job.
When working with your Custom Clothier:
  • Trust her judgement and be open to ideas. She will often have a wealth of creative ideas and has had much experience working with different body types, lifestyles, and fabrics. She can help you decide what will work for you.
  • Share your ideas with your CC. No matter how unusual, a good CC will try to incorporate special details that YOU want into the design of a garment.
  • Always be prepared. Bring the undergarments, shoes and accessories you will be using with your garment. These things will make a difference in the presentation and fit of your garment.
  • Remember, beautiful things take time. Original designs, fanciful fabrics, and individual bodies are factors I take into consideration when planning your garment. I like to have time to work out the details, incubate ideas, and construct high quality, properly fitting garments. Depending on your garment, allow up to 6 months for your CC to work. Expect to pay a rush fee if you want your gown done quickly.
  • I work to find the best sources for high quality fabrics, trimmings and notions, and have a list of sources that I use when we can't find what we need on the island. I've found excellent prices on fine fabrics, trims and notions, but there is always the shipping expense to consider. Expect to pay more than a ready made garment.
  • Time spent on fittings can add up. When I work on a custom garment, I don't charge extra fees for more fittings. But most garments will require 4 to 6 appointments to assure proper fit... sometimes more. Make time in your schedule for fittings. This is also a great time to bring a camera along. Preparation of a big event is often as memorable as the event itself!
I love my work and am always looking for ways to improve and build my clientele. Here's a few things I'd ask of you when the job is done...
  • Offer constructive criticisms.
  • Let me know how the event went off... garment wise. Did the garments live up to your expectations?
  • Feel free to send me pictures, and let me know if I can use them on my website.
  • Pass my business card around to friends and relatives. Thanks!