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The AHS Band Parents Booster Club invites you to join us in helping Mr. Mark Miyamoto build the best band program for our students.
This page was created to help keep busy parents informed of the upcoming events and activities.

Of course, your teen has probably received the handouts and newsletters that are meant to keep parents updated and if you ask them they'll probably say, "Oh THAT thing." Then they'll take it out of their backpacks to give to you long after they've received it. Now you can tune into the website and get your Booster news in a more timely manner... like weeks before the event occurs instead of the night before.

Please be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently. If you'd like to be added to our email list, Contact me. I'll let you know when we've updated.

Update Alert
  • 11/18/02 - Added Mililani Band Fest pictures/video clips.
  • 12/4/02 - Update Schedule of Events and News pages.
Okay parents/students... this is the webmistress here. I would like to know if anyone is visiting this page. Please send me an email and join the mailing list.

Also, I am not able to attend all the events as I've two other little ones to attend to. Please feel free to send me pics to post.

These are our kids. If we don't do these things to support the band and our kids, who will?