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The Chicken Sale is over! Please be sure to have all tickets and $ turned in ASAP.

Ongoing Fundraiser: The ever popular Band Boosters T-shirt ($7.00) and designer (I don't know who designed it, but somebody must've) Polo Shirt ($15.00) are always available. Show your support and wear it proudly to football games, band concerts, band festivals and events. Ask your son or daughter about getting one.

The AHS Band Boosters raised about $1500 from two car washes held in Febuary and March. These funds will be used to purchase a new copy machine for the band room. The other one finally went kaput and can no longer be useful. Funeral services to be held at a later date. It was a good machine and worked hard. :)

There will be one more car wash planned in future months. Stay tuned for details.

Vancouver Band Trip Update

42 students and 5 parent chaperones are currently signed up for the trip. Updated trip itineraries were given to all participating students on September 10th, 2002. The trip dates have been changed so the Juniors won't miss Prom night. They'll just have to come home early... the plane leaves the next morning.

There will be a meeting for all parents and students on .  Please be sure to attend if your son/daughter is going on the trip. At that time, Mrs. Tachino will be able to notarizze the form that was sent home earlier in the month. Have your picture and form ready. There will be a small fee.

Your son/daughter should have their passports ready for the trip as security at the airports has increased. Initially, it was said that a birth certificate, picture ID would be fine. However, because of recent events, a passport may be required. We would like to make sure we can all get back home without any difficulties, so please be sure to have one.

Help Wanted:

Want to help but don't know what you can help with? Can you do any of these things?

  • Help with refreshments
  • Sewing
  • Be a Board (not bored) Member
  • Transport Instruments and equipment
  • Publicity and PR
  • Make Leis
  • Fundraisers
  • Walk, talk, and keep an eye on our kids. (Otherwise known as being a Chaperone.) Oh, and the perks are free refreshments, music and lots of entertainment. They're a funny group to watch.

Then we can use your help!  Hope to see you at the next meeting.